The UK has long been admired for its ability to innovate and open up new markets, but what we lack is delivering globally successful companies.

We believe this failure is mainly due to the lack of business related experience available to early stage companies. They have the drive, the ambition, clearly the idea, but the one thing that separates them from a good company to a world leader is the experience of the person or persons in the driving seat.

Imagine that. Having created sliced bread and then leaving it to a novice entrepreneur to manage every aspect from manufacture, production, logistics to sale.

Unlike the United States, our Venture Capitalist community is short of experienced entrepreneurs, they would rather focus on building their own companies than develop ones they did not begin the journey with.

Idea to Business Factory are experienced entrepreneurs engaged in helping multiple start-ups to incubate, grow and scale.

Identifying early-stage companies with the potential to deliver products and services for global market opportunities, requires a deep understanding of the vital components every successful business requires;

  • where’s the pain?
  • who pays for the solution?
  • what is the size of the market?

By investing in Idea to Business Factory and our varied fledgling companies, our investors benefit from the unique opportunity to engage with early-stage businesses with huge potential, addressing global opportunities and backed by experienced, seasoned entrepreneurs.


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