The Complete

Idea to Business Factory

Shaping ideas into revenue generating businesses

We help you setup, grow and scale your business(s) the easy way

Services include branding, sales and marketing plus IT, finance, admin and office space. We provide tailored and fully rounded support, just like you’d expect from a head office

Every £ matters and you want to see a good return with your investment

However you are invested, whether as a startup, your own funding or seed capital, every £ needs to make a return. We make each £ work by not making your business reinvent the wheel every time for work that we can easily provide.

We operate behind the scenes, to do whatever it takes to support you.

 Idea to business factory realises that when you are starting or setting up or scaling a business, it isn’t simple.

There is no recipe on how to bake a business, however, businesses are put together – it’s what we do. The amazing people we work with provide the core knowledge, expertise and direction and we can provide all the essential services and systems that every business requires in order to support that vision.

As you develop and expand your business we are able to grow the level of support you need for every step of your business journey.

Our delivery partners are here for you:

Choose from just the one director that complements your team to help you start and run your business, or select a full board from the team of first rate directors in iTegrate.

Our focus is to help you create a Minimum Viable Business whilst you focus on creating a Minimum Viable Product.

A traditional incubator or accelerator can provide space with like minded people and consultants and advisors ready to support; however, they don’t provide the actual doing required in order to bring the minimum viable business to market, this is where Idea to business factory fits in.

Idea to business factory provide more than just a managed head office service

Call us today for outstanding support services for your businesses.

View contact details at the bottom.The flexible solution to save your business time and money.


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